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Streamlining Warehouses and Distribution Centers:

Keeping the supply chain moving is what a successful warehouse is all about. You need to get your products where they need to be, just in time. Thousands of warehouses and distribution centers around the world use Psion rugged handheld and vehicle mount computers to master their supply chains. We continually develop technology with one goal in mind – to make the warehouse guy’s life easier and more productive. Which makes the entire supply chain more effective. And your business more profitable.

Some of the world’s most successful warehouses and distribution centers use Psion devices every day to:

  • Manage inventory and orders wirelessly and in real-time
  • Collect data and images to track goods
  • Speed up picking and stacking
  • Enable efficient stock replenishment
  • Reduce data collection errors and operating costs
  • Interface with a WMS or ERP system
  • Keep in voice contact anywhere in the store or warehouse
  • Witness ROI in as little as four months

We recommend: ARM-PD4-P10, ARM-PD4-P15



Smooth and efficient operations is critical in mining applications. ARM offers a range of solutions for the mining industry. We offer MIL-LTD-810G, ZONE 1 tablets. Our systems include infrastructure for the mine site for high accuracy positioning, positioning solutions for drilling, ore control and grade control as well as mine information management and truck assignment solutions.

We recommend: ARM-TC7-JI, ARM-TC7-JM, ARM-TC7-J


Natural Resources

On-the-go natural resource professionals appreciate tools as mobile and versatile as they are. Natural resource applications cover everything from mining to weather stations, from renewable energy to water sampling. Whether the job is underground, in the desert or near water, these solutions require tools rugged enough to withstand the rigors of a challenging out-of-office environment. Natural resource data can’t be compromised or duplicated, so it needs to be securely captured the first time, every time.

That's why our outdoor rugged handheld computers are the right tools for natural resource field service workers. All three devices meet MIL-STD-810F and IP67 ratings, and are rugged enough to withstand weather extremes, rough handling, accidental water immersion and even drops. Plus they’re incredibly versatile, featuring Windows Mobile, expansion slots, integrated wireless technologies and reliable batteries. Update documents and spreadsheets, send data electronically, take photos and manage your outdoor office with our handheld computer.


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